Dental Restorations in Two Hours!

State-of-the-art facilities

Skilled dentist

Gentle Staff

Caring environment

Advanced Treatments

Ensuring bright, happy smiles

  • Dental Restorations in Two Hours!

    Experience the ultimate in digital dentistry technology. Get dental restorations, fillings, crowns or veneers done the same day.

  • GloScience Whitening

    A fast, affordable and painless teeth Whitening system that provides dramatic results.
    No more sensitivity.
    100% satisfaction.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Have you ever imagined a bright, sparkling smile? Bet it would make you look and feel much younger.

  • Implant Dentistry

    Missing a tooth or more? Do not worry. Dental implants are here for the rescue.

  • Dentures

    Missing teeth not just negatively impact the beauty of your smile. When teeth are missing the remaining ones can drift into the surrounding space and can damage tissues in the mouth.

  • General Dentistry

    Not just cleaning. We develop a customized dental hygiene plan for you based on your unique needs.

Welcome to office of Joseph R Krulewicz, DMD.

Dental expertise is probably what best describes the office of Joseph R Krulewicz. For the skilful dentist himself has decades of rich experience. He digitised his office over a decade ago before many could even think about doing the digital way. It goes without saying that the infrastructure is well up-to-date.

Patients and their needs come first. Whether it's a basic cleaning or an advanced dental treatment, the practice offers it all. The staff are gentle, caring and have been handpicked for their expertise. With years and years of experience in providing quality dental care, the office of Joseph R. Krulewicz. is sure to add that sparkle to your smile.

Our mission as a dental team is:

To meet the individual needs of each patient by delivering the absolute best care that our team can in order to attain our patientsí optimal dental health.

To continually educate ourselves and our patients on the current concepts of dentistry and how it relates to their overall health and quality of life.

To earn our patientsí respect, admiration, and appreciation for us as a team that is committed to personal and professional excellence.